Friday, February 22, 2008

LDF Claims to be sole supporter of Conversion!

Lonappan Nambadan, MP, has said that the Left Democratic Front is the sole source of strength and support for minorities.

He was addressing a meeting at the Church-run St. Thomas College here on Thursday. “Congress and BJP-ruled States have passed anti-conversion laws. The Left-ruled States, Tripura, West Bengal and Kerala, have not rushed to do that,” he said. Quoting the Bible, he said faith without putting it into practice was meaningless.

is LDF Claiming that they are the only Group actively supporting conversion?

Another First in Kerala: Ministry for Minorities

The Left Government in Kerala is likely to set up a full-fledged state department for the welfare of minorities along with a Minorities Development Corporation. This is based on the recommendations given by a Committee headed by CPI(M) leader and Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty who looked into  the Rajinder Sachar Committee Report.

The committee has also asked the Govt.  to sanction more schools and colleges for Muslims considering their educational backwardness, and to ensure a foolproof mechanism to ensure that Muslims get full reservation benefits. For the latter, the Paloli committee is learnt to have also suggested de-linking appointments based on merit from appointments under the reserved categories, by the state Public Service Commission. Some of other recommendations of  committee:-

  • It has called for introducing job reservation in the private sector.
  • A Muslim community development corporation has been sought on the lines of the Backward Classes Development Corporation.
  • The Committee felt that the community has not got due representation in top posts in government service.

Now I am confused, is Mr. Paloli saying that the Lower Education Level in Muslim Society is Because Muslims Own Less No. of Schools? Is he saying Muslims donot(or will not) send their children to schools owned by other communities(even Govt)? Also, In that case Hindus who own the least No. of schools in Kerala  should be most illiterate!!

Delinking Promoting from Performance is another Deplorable act!



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now its Good time as a Minority in India

This should be read in continuation to my previous Blog Outrageous Minority Appeasement in Andhra Pradesh

Last week, I was reading a very  interesting book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Afghan American author Khaled Hosseini. There is a very interesting passage in which the father of Laila (One of central cast) asks her to enjoy her life under USSR Backed Communist Rule. He says "This is the best time to be born as a Female in USSR"

Similarly, It seems this is the best time to born as a member of Minority in India. Lets take a hypothetical situation in which a Boy called "X" is born as a Minority.

X is the fourth son in his family. His farther is a Small Time Business Man and Mother is a Housewife.

His father send him to school when he was Five year old. He didnot have much difficulty getting into the school as it was a Private minority-run educational institution. As per the current laws, the government donot  regulate Private minority-run higher education institutions fees and admission policy. He being from Minority community didnot have to face much competition. Once in the school, his fathers burden was much relieved as Government has just started Minority Only Scholarships, He was more than certain that he would be able to avail the scholarship.

Once he completed the studies, he didnot have to go thru the hassle of competing for Jobs  as in most of the states Minorities enjoys Job reservation. In Fact, it is rumored that now this Job reservation would be extended even to Private sector.

Now Since X is well placed in a Good Government Job, he would like to get married. He has decided to Avail some funds from Rs 5 crore which AP Govt has set aside for mass marriages of Minorities. He is checking whether he can use this money for his honeymoon Trip also. Afterall, if govt. gets him married they have to take responsibility for After Marriage Expenses.

With all his Materialistic  needs taken care, X has turned to religion for Spiritual Needs. Now he regularly goes to the Mosque which has just be refurbished with Rs 5 Crore funds which AP Govt has given for repairs and maintenance for mosque and church. He has plans to go for Haj next year, the travel for Haj is heavily subsidized by Indian Government.

Today, X is a contented man, he has pledge to continue to vote for the current government. He feels assured that the present Government will take care of all his Needs whether "Materialistic" or "Spiritual" Moreover the Prime Minister himself has assured that Minority has  first right over natural resources. He was also heartened that PM lost his sleep due to some unpleasant Incidents in Australia. He is assured that his children will also get the good life he had and he would tell them "Now its Good time as a Minority in India

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Outrageous Minority Appeasement in Andhra Pradesh

Any government looking at minority appeasement can take a leaf out of the Andhra Pradesh Budget.

The 'tax free' Budget tabled by Finance Minister K Rosaiah allocates Rs 2 crore for Christian pilgrims visiting the holy sites in Israel; Rs 5 crore for mass marriages of Christians, Muslims and other minorities and Rs 5 crore for mosque and church repairs and maintenance.

With all of this and the recently implemented 4 per cent quota for Muslims in government Andhra government certainly has gone overboard with its attempt to appease minorities.

This outrageous appeasement was justified by a Outrageous Justification Desh main agar kisi kaum ko chote nazar se dekhane lage, to desh ke liye bhi khatra ho sakta hai (If you look down upon a community within the country, that may invite trouble for the nation) Agar kisi ko insaf dilana ho, aur agar ye appeasement hai, to iska koi jawab nahi hai.", state Minorities Welfare Minister Shabbir Ali reasons.

Obviously Hindus donot come into picture when its it is matters of Justice and taking care of community


Supreme Court Outraged by Teesta Setalvad's attack on it!

Supreme Court today expressed its outrage over recent articles written by Self Styled Social activist Teesta Setalvad.

Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan called the attack "shameful" and "not in good taste."

"Who is this Teesta Setalvad. Is she a spokesperson of these persons or petitioners. There is one article that appeared (written by her). If she is representing these persons (Godhra accused) we do not want to hear them,"  " it asked before starting the proceedings on the bail petitions filed by the Godhra accused.

"We see so many things in media. Sometimes it is educative for us and sometimes we simply ignore them but what is this (Setalvad's article) that the court is not posting their matters or doing something unfair," the Bench observed.

The Chief Justice,who said her article also appeared in a Malayalam  weekly, was particularly perturbed over the allegations that hearing on post-Godhra cases were fixed in such a way that it gets adjourned.

"It is shameful," the CJI said.

At this point, Salve succeeded in pacifying the Bench by saying "You (Bench) should treat it (article) with contempt and ignore it".

It is outrageous the extend these "self Styled" Secularists would go to make themselves heard! One fails to understand why they were so silent at the Mayhem unleashed by CPM in Nandigram! or is it that "atrocities in Bengal" donot fall within the preview of their business plan?

51 crores not enough? Qureshi asks people to fix reward amount

Mohammad Yaqoob Qureshi, who created a furore in 2006 by announcing a reward of Rs 51 crore to anyone who beheads a Danish cartoonist for drawing caricatures of Prophet Mohammed, is in the news again.

This time, however, he has asked the people of Meerut to fix the quantum of the bounty for the "avenger" after some Danish newspapers reprinted last week the controversial cartoon that depicted the Prophet wearing a turban which resembled a bomb.

Qureshi said

"This time the people of Meerut should decide what should be the amount of the reward,"  Qureshi also said "the Centre should demand an apology from Denmark and the Uttar Pradesh assembly should condemn the reprint of the controversial cartoon"

Will the UPA Govt send a démarche to Danish Government this time also?

Monday, February 18, 2008

WHITE PAPER: Mass Conversion a strategy not a Coincidence

This paper was written after researching several online articles available in evangelical websites. The objective of the paper is to prove that Mass conversion is a well though out strategy and is not a coincidence as it is being thought today. Please note each and every piece of information is taken directly from Missionary literature and IS NOT MY CREATION.

Older Methodology: Mission Station Approach:

In this methodology, They acquired a piece of land, often with great difficulty. Then the missionary arrives. He and his family worship on Sunday. They are the first members of that congregation. He learns the language and preaches the gospel. Through the years a few individual converts are won from this group. Sometimes its a woman, a man, a boy, a girl who decide to follow Jesus. Very often, a few employees of the mission become Christian. These may be masons hired to erect the buildings, helpers in the home, rescued persons or orphans. In due time, a church building is erected.

But Missionaries now are not satisfied by the result from such a Approach. Some of the reasons are

1. Lower Returns: The expectations were often frustrated by meager response. In the light of the this Professor Latourette writes:

The advanced cultures and faiths of Asia and North Africa did not yield so readily as did those of the primitive folk, either to Western civilization or to  Christianity. This was to be expected. It has usually been characteristic of advanced cultures and their religions that they have been much slower to disintegrate before an invading civilization.

2. Rising Nationalism: Missionaries feel that the days in which the mission stations can exert a major influence on the affairs of Eastern nations are drawing to a close. The temper of these days in the East is not that of humbly sitting at the feet of missionary tutors. They feel that sleeping nations are now awake. Mission schools & Hospitals in Asia and North Africa no longer have the influence which they once had. For example, Up till 1945 the Central Provinces of India had not produced a single qualified doctor. Its university had no standard medical school. The only fully qualified doctors were a few immigrants from other provinces and missionary doctors from abroad. But today there are four hundred students in the medical college of its university. As this flood of physicians flows out over the cities and towns and eventually the villages of this province, the present near monopoly of the Christian hospitals is likely to be destroyed.

3. Social Situation: The missionaries feel that Conversion is not a Accepted norm in society. Each convert, as he becomes a Christian, is seen by his kin as one who leaves “us” and joins “them.” He leaves our gods to worship their gods. Thus the Christian cause wins the individual but loses the family. As a result, conglomerate congregations, made up of converts won in this fashion,  grow very slowly.

New Methodology: People Movements:

Now they have taken a new approach which they refer as Peoples movement. According to them, It is a God-designed pattern by which not ones but thousands will acknowledge Christ as Lord, and grow into full discipleship as people after people, clan after clan, tribe after tribe and community after community are claimed for and nurtured in the Christian faith. They claim several list of movements in India to back their claim some of them are Malas and Madigas, the Nagas and Garas, the Mahars and Bhils, and many others.

Some of the salient aspects of new methodology is as follows:-

1. Aim for a cluster of growing congregations: They now target a cluster of growing, indigenous congregations every member of which remains in close contact with his kindred. For example, if they were evangelizing the taxi drivers of Taipei, then their goal is to win some taxi drivers, some university professors, some farmers and some fishermen, but rather to establish churches made up largely of taxi drivers, their wives and children, and their assistants and mechanics.

2. Concentrate on one people: The principle is that the national leader or the missionary and his helpers, should concentrate on one people. If they are going to establish a cluster of growing congregations amongst, let us say, the Nair people of Kerala then they make all the missionaries and their helpers  to focus their work among the Nairs. They will proclaim the gospel to Nairs, saying quite openly to them, “We are hoping that within your great caste there soon will be thousands of followers of Jesus Christ who also remain solidly in the Nair community.” They will, of course, not worship the old Nair gods, but then plenty of Nairs don’t worship their old gods. Plenty of Nairs are Communist and ridicule their old gods. Nairs whom God calls, who choose to believe in Christ, are going to love their neighbors more than they did before and walk in the light. They will be saved and beautiful people. They will remain Nairs, while at the same time they become Christians.

3. Donot Differentiate: They are now encouraging converts to remain with their people The principle is to encourage converts to remain thoroughly one with their own people in most matters. 

Bishop J. W. Pickett, in his important study Christ’s Way to India’s Heart, says:

The process of extracting individuals from their setting in Hindu or Moslem communities does not build a Church. On the contrary it rouses antagonism against Christianity and builds barriers against the spread of the Gospel. Moreover, that process has produced many unfortunate, and not a few tragic results in the lives of those most deeply concerned. It has deprived the converts of the values represented by their families and friends and made them dependent for social support to the good life and restraint on evil impulses upon men and  women, their colleagues in the Christian faith, with whom they have found it difficult to develop fellowship and a complete sense of community. It has sacrificed much of the convert’s evangelistic potentialities by separating him from his People. It has produced anaemic Churches that know no true leadership and are held together chiefly by common dependence on the mission or the missionary 

Now according to them a mere change of name accomplishes nothing.  Thus a Christward movement within a people can be defeated either by extracting the new Christians from their society (i.e. by allowing them to be squeezed out by their non-Christian relatives).

4. Convert in Groups: The principle is to try to get group decisions for Christ. If only one person decides to follow Jesus do not baptize him immediately. Say to him, “You and I will work together to lead another five, or ten, or God willing, fifty of your people to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour so that when you are baptized, you will be baptized with them.” Ostracism is very effective against one lone person. But ostracism is weak indeed when exercised against a group of a dozen.

5. Do not try to change society: Now its seems that Missionaries donot want to upset the applecart by taking own ageold institutions. According to them, let  Paul  did not attack all imperfect social institutions. For example, he did not do away with slavery. Paul said to the slave, “Be a better slave.” He said to the slave owner, “Be a kindlier master.”