Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Outrageous Minority Appeasement in Andhra Pradesh

Any government looking at minority appeasement can take a leaf out of the Andhra Pradesh Budget.

The 'tax free' Budget tabled by Finance Minister K Rosaiah allocates Rs 2 crore for Christian pilgrims visiting the holy sites in Israel; Rs 5 crore for mass marriages of Christians, Muslims and other minorities and Rs 5 crore for mosque and church repairs and maintenance.

With all of this and the recently implemented 4 per cent quota for Muslims in government Andhra government certainly has gone overboard with its attempt to appease minorities.

This outrageous appeasement was justified by a Outrageous Justification Desh main agar kisi kaum ko chote nazar se dekhane lage, to desh ke liye bhi khatra ho sakta hai (If you look down upon a community within the country, that may invite trouble for the nation) Agar kisi ko insaf dilana ho, aur agar ye appeasement hai, to iska koi jawab nahi hai.", state Minorities Welfare Minister Shabbir Ali reasons.

Obviously Hindus donot come into picture when its it is matters of Justice and taking care of community


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