Friday, February 22, 2008

Another First in Kerala: Ministry for Minorities

The Left Government in Kerala is likely to set up a full-fledged state department for the welfare of minorities along with a Minorities Development Corporation. This is based on the recommendations given by a Committee headed by CPI(M) leader and Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty who looked into  the Rajinder Sachar Committee Report.

The committee has also asked the Govt.  to sanction more schools and colleges for Muslims considering their educational backwardness, and to ensure a foolproof mechanism to ensure that Muslims get full reservation benefits. For the latter, the Paloli committee is learnt to have also suggested de-linking appointments based on merit from appointments under the reserved categories, by the state Public Service Commission. Some of other recommendations of  committee:-

  • It has called for introducing job reservation in the private sector.
  • A Muslim community development corporation has been sought on the lines of the Backward Classes Development Corporation.
  • The Committee felt that the community has not got due representation in top posts in government service.

Now I am confused, is Mr. Paloli saying that the Lower Education Level in Muslim Society is Because Muslims Own Less No. of Schools? Is he saying Muslims donot(or will not) send their children to schools owned by other communities(even Govt)? Also, In that case Hindus who own the least No. of schools in Kerala  should be most illiterate!!

Delinking Promoting from Performance is another Deplorable act!



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