Tuesday, November 14, 2006

China Claims Arunachal Pradesh

Nation was shocked today when Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Yuxi claimed Arunachal Pradesh to be Chinese territory. In an interview with CNN-IBN, he claimed
"In our position, the whole of Arunachal Pradesh is Chinese territory and Tawang is only one place in it. We are claiming whole of that (Arunachal Pradesh). That is our position,"
It is intriguing that this deplorable and irresponsible statement comes only days ahead of visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao's. Nation need not be surprised by the deafening silence of our PM & Left Parties. Our PM is waiting for Super PM's approval for reading the statement prepared by CPM and assorted communists.

The predicament of Indian communists (famous for their slogan Chairman Mao, Our Chairman) is understandable. After all, they were in forefront of champaign to allow Chinese President Hu Jintao address a joint session of Parliament. It will be hilarious, if Premier of a country who has evil designs on India's Territory is allowed to lecture us from the temple of our democracy. I am sure thousands of brave soldiers who laid down their life fighting Chinese aggression in 1965 would forgive our stupidity.

Also, its only days since CPM was Lobbying for Chinese Business Interest in India and People's Democracy, Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India in a recent article writes
"It is, indeed, ironical that such a decision(of scrutinizing FDI from China) should come in the declared year of friendship between India and China. Further, it comes barely a month before the official state visit of the Chinese President,"
Government of India should ask China to recall Ambassador Sun Yuxi. India should take cue from China's own reaction whenever someone made a statement contrary to Chinese One China Policy(Policy which states Taiwan to be province of China).

Tail Piece: When asked for his opinion CPM leader Sitaram Yechuri told mediapersons "These are historical issues, there are disputes, this is why these issues are being discussed," . Is Mr. Yechury trying to justify China's position by by stating that there were territory disputes. Isn't it high time CPM chose between China and India.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hinduism is a CULT: CPM

Communists who consider India as a "federation of independent states" has always considered Hinduism as a threat to their crusade to convert India into Communism. For them anything associated with Nation is a Taboo. No wonder they have Sabotaged the quit movement, refused to accept India's freedom (After independence on August 15, 1947), started an armed rebellion against the Indian state, sided with China in the Sino-Indian conflict in 1962, supported the Emergency and press censorship in 1975, criticized Pokharan-II and have since led the pack opposing the Ramjanmabhumi movement.

A recent article in People's Democracy, Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Vol. XXX No. 46 November 12, 2006 has compared Hinduism to a Cult!. It reads
Although Dakshin Karnataka and Udipi district, not to speak of the Mangalore where ‘riots’ were recently engineered, are strong bases of the Sangh Parivar, their activities are widely spread over the entire state. All the areas targeted by the Hindutva forces have historically been home to syncretic cultures. In terms of religions there is a history of interactions between Islam and the various cults broadly termed as Hinduism, and the influence of Christianity and even Buddhism and Jainism.
Cult is defined as A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

It really takes a Leap of Fancy to describe Hinduism as Extremist. Perhaps Age is catching up with the Senile Leadership of Communist Party otherwise how would they forget that its Hindusim who instead of dividing world as believers and non Believers , gave world the slogan of "Vasudaiva Kudumbam". Then comes the question of living in unconventional manner. At least in this case, We are guilty as charged otherwise any other group would have reacted to these insults which are being heaped on us day in and day out. We Hindus live in a fools paradise.

It is hilarious to note that this is the same communist party who had supporetd Madhani a Known extremist and is now in forefront to release Afzal! There is not even a single instance in which CPM has unequivocally criticized Jehadi Terrorism. In fact, just like during partition CPM is providing philosophical and intellectual underpinning to all antinational movements.

It is time that we take this bull by horn. CPM should not be allowed to get away with this slanderous champaign of equating Hinduism with a cult .