Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hinduism under Attack!

Is hindusim and its basis beliefs under attack? Before junking this as Alarmist blog by a Hindu Fundametalist, consider these facts which has been reported by all over media.

September, 2007: The Archaeological Survey of India on Wednesday filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that there is no historical and scientific evidence to establish the existence of Lord Ram or the other characters of the Ramayana. Denying the Ram Setu or Adams Bridge is a man-made structure, it said Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas cannot be taken as a historical record to “prove the existence of the characters or occurrence of events” depicted in it.

December 2007: West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee claimed Ram is the creation of poets who glorified him in their ballads.

December 2007: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M Karunanidhi claimed Ram was a drunkard in Ramayana and Ram was just a character in Ramayana and his existence cannot be accepted

December 2007: A portion from the Question paper for 9th standard Malayalam paper prepared by School Academic Council: “ Arya Putra, You may go now, Please get me membership in a Video Shop, I will pass my time by watching Video Cassettes for 14 years untill you come back”!

Our secular Leadership Led by allies in UPA consisting of Communists, Congress and DMK appears to be determined in junking basic beliefs of our culture and civilisational heritage. A hindu has Sri Ram in every segment of his life, he grows up hearing stories in Ramayana in the process learning how to be a better human being. He watches Ramlila every years and learns how Truth will ultimately defeat Untruth. He expresses his devotion of Sri Ram by saying "Ram Ram" as a way of greeting each other. Even in his death his deadbody is carried in midst of "Ram Nam Satya Hai" chants. Hope our secular leadership will realise that with their act they are destroying a 5000 year old way of life.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Does this remind you of anything?

An Outrageous Video Insulting National Flag


Please watch the above video. I am not sure what kind of function is it but definitely some sort of Xtian convention. Its in Malayalam. I have not seen a more outrageous insult of National Flag!!!

How the person is defining different colours of the flag. How he is Misleading people to concert using the white Colour in the flag!!!

I have translated the entire talk in English for the benefit of people who cannot understand Malayalam

Following is the translation:
Indians are people with Light inside. Now Tricolour Flag. Saffron Colour on Top, Green in Bottom, White in Middle

What is Saffron? It indicates Bravery and Dedication. The top indicates about people who are ready to Beat, Punch, Kill and Stab. The green at bottom is not that It indicates Self Sufficient India. That means people who have money. Understand? But we are the white in the Middle. halleluyah. Understand? People who understood are praising the lord. I call praise for the My Lord who brought White in Middle of the flag . Not Finished. Do you know Chakra, the symbol of Power, Ashok Chakra? That is in White. Lord didnot give it to either Saffron or to Green. GLORY! Do you want to hear more. It is Called Ashoka Chakra. Shoka Means Sadness. Ashoka mean will remove Sadness. That means if you want to remove sadness you have to come to white. Even if its Saffron or Green, it has to come to white to remove saddness. Halleluyah.. People who understood and Praising the lord. That means this night you have to come to white, that means you have to come to Jesus. Without coming to Jesus you will not get light. Praise the lord!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A News Release we all missed

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi, great-grandson of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and grandson of Nehru’s daughter Indira and Feroz Gandhy , was formally appointed as heir-apparent to the Indian Prime Minster Throne. His formal investiture as party general secretary took place early this month in Congress Party’s Working Committee Meeting on Nov 6. HRH Crown Price Rahul Gandhi is fifth member of the “dynasty” .

Later in the day, the AICC session adopted a resolution welcoming his appointment as the party general secretary. HRH Rahul Gandhi is perhaps the only general secretary welcomed through a resolution by the AICC.

His Speech during the AICC Session was an insight into his wisdom and foresight. On the issue of Certain Congress Guidelines pertaining to khadi and abstain from alcohol, HRH gave clarion call to shed hypocrisy and suggested that the party should include only those conditions that “were practical and could be verified”. His indepth Analysis of Issues were visible earlier in the year, when he declared
You know that when any member of my family had decided to do anything, he does it. . . I belong to the family which has never moved backwards, which has never gone back on its words. . . Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India to the 21st century.’’

However, some enemies of state misinterpreted his statement and sadly gave an entirely new meaning which resulted in a diplomatic disaster.

The Nation eagerly awaits formal crowning of HRH Rahul Gandhi as King . Currently, the nation is being managed by Doctor Manmohan Singh in lines with the Glorious Tradition Laid out in Bharath of Ramayana. You might be aware that Bharat took the slippers of Rama and placed them on the throne and ruled virtually at Ayodhya till Lord Rama's return from the banishment.

Long Live the HH Queen, Long Live HRH Crown Prince