Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now its Good time as a Minority in India

This should be read in continuation to my previous Blog Outrageous Minority Appeasement in Andhra Pradesh

Last week, I was reading a very  interesting book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Afghan American author Khaled Hosseini. There is a very interesting passage in which the father of Laila (One of central cast) asks her to enjoy her life under USSR Backed Communist Rule. He says "This is the best time to be born as a Female in USSR"

Similarly, It seems this is the best time to born as a member of Minority in India. Lets take a hypothetical situation in which a Boy called "X" is born as a Minority.

X is the fourth son in his family. His farther is a Small Time Business Man and Mother is a Housewife.

His father send him to school when he was Five year old. He didnot have much difficulty getting into the school as it was a Private minority-run educational institution. As per the current laws, the government donot  regulate Private minority-run higher education institutions fees and admission policy. He being from Minority community didnot have to face much competition. Once in the school, his fathers burden was much relieved as Government has just started Minority Only Scholarships, He was more than certain that he would be able to avail the scholarship.

Once he completed the studies, he didnot have to go thru the hassle of competing for Jobs  as in most of the states Minorities enjoys Job reservation. In Fact, it is rumored that now this Job reservation would be extended even to Private sector.

Now Since X is well placed in a Good Government Job, he would like to get married. He has decided to Avail some funds from Rs 5 crore which AP Govt has set aside for mass marriages of Minorities. He is checking whether he can use this money for his honeymoon Trip also. Afterall, if govt. gets him married they have to take responsibility for After Marriage Expenses.

With all his Materialistic  needs taken care, X has turned to religion for Spiritual Needs. Now he regularly goes to the Mosque which has just be refurbished with Rs 5 Crore funds which AP Govt has given for repairs and maintenance for mosque and church. He has plans to go for Haj next year, the travel for Haj is heavily subsidized by Indian Government.

Today, X is a contented man, he has pledge to continue to vote for the current government. He feels assured that the present Government will take care of all his Needs whether "Materialistic" or "Spiritual" Moreover the Prime Minister himself has assured that Minority has  first right over natural resources. He was also heartened that PM lost his sleep due to some unpleasant Incidents in Australia. He is assured that his children will also get the good life he had and he would tell them "Now its Good time as a Minority in India

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