Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Answer

Someone left these comments on my previous post

Here you are raising two points.
1. One is that those Dalits who have undergone conversion must not be considered for reservation.
2. The second is that conversion should be discouraged.

I ask you a question -
Do you consider that conversion improves the social status of the Dalits?

If you say "Yes" to the above question, then you must encourage more conversions to improve the status of the Dalits.

If you say "No" to the above question, then you must encourage the continuation of reservation to the converted Dalits.

Well, to state the truth, the social status of the Dalits does not improve in the eyes of religious community in which they belonged to before. If at all, it improves only in their sense of belonging to a community which promises them the respect which they earlier missed.

The religion which is losing the numbers cries fowl, the religion which is gaining the numbers says it is good.

The politicians are counting the numbers.

We are watching the fun.

Lets get our facts right. The Fruits of reservation is not open to all the poor sections of the society. The objective of reservation is exclusive to adherents of native Indian dharmas to enable them to overcome historic social disadvantages which kept them economically and educationally backward. With reservation we expect to bring the less fortunate in Hindu Society on Par with others wrt to Economic & Social Status. It also tries to remove the stigma associated with them. This condition donot exist in Xtian Society. Christianity sought converts on the plea that it did not discriminate between believers, and hence low caste believers would loose the social stigma of their original caste. This would mean the So called Xtian Dalits are asking reservation only becuase they are Economically backward and the Current Policy of reservation do to cater to this group.

By the way are there Dalits in Xtians?

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