Monday, August 14, 2006

In India it Pays better to be an Antinational

DMK government in Tamil Nadu is arranging for 1998 Coimbatore blast accused Abdul Nasser Mahdani’s Ayurvedic massages. The 1998 Coimbatore serial blasts had targeted BJP leader L K Advani killed 58 people and left several more injured. This move is being supported by CPM and Congress in Kerala. Actually, Things didnot stop at this, the Kerala Assembly passed a unprecended resolution requesting the Centre to adopt a "humanitarian attitude" and grant parole to People's Democratic Party leader Abdul Nazer Madhani.

It is not surprising that
in the early nineties, Marxist guru EMS Namboodiripad surprised Kerala when he compared this fire-breathing cleric Abdul Nasser Mahdani’s with Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahdani is getting treated by a team of 10 masseurs and four senior Ayurvedic doctors. The 35-day treatment, which began on July 5, costs nearly Rs 50,000. Needles to say all this at taxpayers expense.

The most outrageous act was
DMK government quietly permitted Soofiya, Mahdani’s wife to sit in on her husband’s treatment for two hours as ayurvedic principles demanded that “someone close” to the patient administer the “internal” medicines. This, despite an arrest warrant pending against Soofiya in a case relating to her allegedly smuggling in a SIM card for her husband.

It seems in India it Pays better to be an Antinational

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