Thursday, August 17, 2006

ek machar sala aadmi ko hijraa bana deta hai

It seems Terrorists have incredible sense of timing. Like clockwork they attack us atleast once every month less we forget about them. Yesterday it was ISKCON, a month back it was Mumbai.
And what is our reaction! NOTHING, ZILCH! Our prime minister cannot even bring himself to say that the terrorism in India is being sponsored from Pakistan. His said "I am confident that the people of this great city have the will and courage to face this situation and will stand firm in their resolve to carry on their normal activities without succumbing to threats of terror. We will work to defeat the evil designs of terrorists and will not allow them to succeed" .
Mr. PM, You need not be reminded us on our strengths after all we have withstood such Attrocities for last 1000 Years. First from Mughal Emperors, then from British. Only sad part is subjucation of last 1000 Years have made us Impotent. Now we donot even react to such Attrocities.

Our TV media kept reminding us that the attacks are reaction to Babri Masjid Demolition and Gujarat Issue. In the action-reaction theory, they conveniently forgot that Babri Masjid Demolition was a reaction to the Demolition of a Ram Temple and Gujarat Riot was in reaction to Godhra Carnage. Guess, they are following the ageold wisdom of when in Rome be a Roman.

Mr. PM, we as citizens of this nations demand to know what is your action plan or are we the sacrificial lamp on the Altars of SUCKularism? Please donot test the limits. As Nana Patekar aptly said in one of the movies"ek machar sala aadmi ko hijraa bana deta hai"

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