Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Ultimate Irony!!

The person who attacked the temple of democracy is to pardoned to "Save Democracy".

I am really amused by Congress stand on this. Where was this humanitarian Gesture when Satwant Singh & Kehar Singh (Killers of Indira Gandhi) were hanged to death on January 6, 1989. Guess Humanitarian feelings increase with size of vote bank.

One of SUCKulars NANDITA HAKSAR wrote an article in Outlook "The code book for SUCKulars". Her reasons for Hanging are:-

I believe that if Mohammad Afzal is hanged it will be a severe blow to the future of Indian democracy. Why do I say this? Because the hanging would further institutionalize the growing lawlessness of the police; it would strengthen the growing authoritarianism of the Indian state; it would undermine the peace process in Kashmir and give fillip to the Hindu fascist forces.
Her Comment that it would help Hindu Facist forces is really hilarious!! Now the cat is out. They donot want to kill the butcher as it may help sangh Parivar. What a twisted Logic!!!

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