Thursday, October 05, 2006

Durga Puja gets into Trouble with Mulims

Clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups broke out at two places in south and central India following quarrels over Durga Puja processions.

The trouble in Nizamabad began when a procession carrying an idol of Hindu Goddess Durga for immersion passed before a mosque. Muslims objected to a procession carrying the idol of goddess Durga passing in front of their place of worship. Suddenly, stones and footwear rained on the procession resulting in a clash between the two groups.

Similair Situation happened at Chhindwara town of Madhya Pradesh, Trouble started when some someone allegedly threw a bone at a Goddess Durga idol in Diwanjipura locality of Chhindwar, while it was being taken for immersion on Tuesday.

In the Land of Durga, Guess now she also have to be locked up. Lets take comforth that we are "Secular"

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