Monday, September 11, 2006

Silence of the Lamps

It seems the Indian Schools the abode of science and learning has all of a sudden become haven for occult happenings! The incident happened on September 6 the assembly hall of the premier Loreto Convent, a 140-year-old missionary educational institution. Here Nobo Kumar Mondal indulged in the practice of invoking the dead and carrying on a live conversation with them. The seance was arranged by one Father Sebastian, the priest of a catholic church. On being asked Father Sebastian said, I fail to understand why you all are suspicious.’ ‘Mandal really has miraculous healing powers. You have to see to believe that the lord actually descends on him to bless those who seek his blessings,’.

It seems Christ descended and entered the body of Mandal in front of over 300 students drawn from classes 8 to 12. Mandal twisted and turned and after a few moments, he was up on his feet and declared that Jesus had entered his body and he was ready to bless us. I guess the twisting & turning was due to the effort required for another spirit to enter the body!

Several girls fainted during the two-hour show, and many others had to be given medical help. Even the teachers got scared.

I was amused by the reaction of our SUCKular press. Imagine the outcry if it would have been a hindu institution but here there is not even a murmur of protest here. When Some youths protested against the incident the Press howled "Loreto convent vandalized, schools protest", " Lucknow's Loreto Convent vandalised"

Sister Tressia defended the occult show. ‘It was one of our spiritual assemblies where our aim is to let the children have an experience of god. My doubt is why the god decided to come as Jesus why not as Rama or Krishna after all majority of the students who were forced to bear the torture were Hindus?

At one side we have muslims who refuse to sing National Song Vande Matram as it hurts their Religious sentiments and on the other side we have Christian Missionaries who are practicing Occult in secular schools and several Non Christian Students had to bear the torture!! Seems only people whose sentiments have no valuue is Hindus.

Please feel free to visit Nobo Kumar Mondal's Website. The question is why did school invite such a shady character to school!

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