Thursday, September 14, 2006

For all the wrong reasons

Kerala, India’s HDI (human development indices) posterboy for UNDP is in center of attention for all the wrong reasons. Kerala finds special place in Frederick Forsyth's new book "The Afghan" a 9/11 non-fiction now dominates the bestseller list . He has described kerala as "Once the hotbed of Communism, (it) has been particularly receptive territory for Islamist extremism."

This should not come as surprise for people who have been watching developments in Kerala closely. The emergence of Islamic fundamentalist groups in Malabar acquired a serious dimension from the mid-1990s after a series of disturbing events. The abduction and murder of reformist scholar Maulavi Abul Hassan Chekannur in July 1993 was the first indication of the strong fundamentalist trend gaining ground in this region. The seizure of pipe bombs concealed in plastic bags in Malappuram in 1996 was further proof of terror groups gaining roots. During interrogation, two Tamil Nadu bomb blast suspects, Imam Ali and Hyder Ali, had revealed about their visits to Malappuram and training people in handling explosives. Other signs like intermittent small-scale explosions in Kozhikode early this year, periodic arms seizures across the state, and the burning of Tamil Nadu transport buses by suspected ISS/PDP activists - are all ominous trends pointing to Kerala turning into an extremist flash point.

All this is supported by the SUCKular Political class in Kerala. Kerala assemble got the dubious distinction of passing unanimous resolution supporting Abdul Nasser Madhani Chief Architect of 1998 Coimbatore Serial Bomb Blast Killing 59 People.

It is sad to see Gods own land being fed to dogs.

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