Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Et Tu BBC?

BBC is known for its objective reporting but I guess they threw all the cautions to wind while reporting on Sister Alphonsa’s sainthood.

Frances Kennedy of BBC News  reports from Rome. 

I am not sure why but she starts her report  with a factually incorrect claim. she reports

She(Sister Alphonsa’s ) had burnt and disfigured herself to avoid a marriage, having chosen to dedicate her life to Christ.

While on the same issue, Indian Express Reports

Alphonsa had become a nun in 1928, five years after she fell into a smouldering bonfire and badly burnt her feet, which reportedly tortured her all her remaining life.

Then she goes on to report that

The news that a date had been set for Sister Alphonsa's canonisation was greeted with joy by her order - the Congregation of Poor Clares of the Third Order of St Francis, also known as Clarists. The order is known for working with poor, indigenous people of all classes and religions

I am not sure about other Keralites but this Dumbhead is hearing about this order for firth time in his life. Also, I think Ms. Frances Kennedy who is from New Zealand is unaware that unlike in United states, Australia or in New Zealand, India donot have "Non indigenous" People. All Indians are Indigenous irrespective of caste creed and colour!

Then I am not sure why she dragged the conversion issue in to this report on Sister Alphonsa’s sainthood. She endedup sounding more like a spokesperson of Evangelical Church than  Journalist from a reputed Broadcasting company.

She also reports that 

Marco Tosatti, Vatican correspondent for Italian daily La Stampa, said the canonisation would be offer support to Christians in India "who are often subject of persecution and violence by some Hindu groups, for political motives".

This is outrageous! Are they saying that one of the objective of canonisation is to offer support to Christians in India against alleged persecution?

If you are outraged make a complain to BBC from here

BBC Report

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