Friday, February 29, 2008

LDF Supported MP Sebastian Paul Oppose Trivandrum High Court Bench as its aimed at appeasing Hindu vote bank

Sebastian Paul, MP has opposed the demands  to setup High Court Bench in Trivandrum as according to him

"a High Court Bench in the capital city as solely aimed at appeasing the vote bank."

Previously, Sebastian Paul, MP, has written to Union Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh opposing  the move to shift the office of the Cashew Export Promotion Council (CEPC) in Kochi to Kollam.

Is Mr. Sebastian propagating division of Kerala on religious lines South for Hindus, Middle for Christians and North of Muslims!! If we take that justification to logical conclusion then I guess what "Vote Bank" is Govt. trying to please with  the Prestigious Vallarpadam Terminal Project.  (take a look at this website)

Or is he more worried about his votebank in Ernakulam Parliamentary Consistency? Is he worried that his "votebank" would not be happy that "the Kerala's only High Court Bench in Ernakulam" will lose its prominence if there is another bench in Trivandrum.

The Extend of Influence of Ernakulam Votebank can be seen from Last 07 Parliamentary Election Results of Ernakulam Parliamentary Constituency.

General Elections, 2004 (14th LOK SABHA): DR. SEBASTIAN PAUL(CPM Backed Independent)

General Elections, 1999 (13th LOK SABHA): ADV. GEORGE EDEN (Indian National Congress)

General Elections, 1998 (12th LOK SABHA): ADV. GEORGE EDEN (Indian National Congress)

General Elections, 1996 (11th LOK SABHA): XAVIER ARRAKKAL(CPM Backed Independent)

General Elections, 1991 (10th LOK SABHA): K.V. THOMAS(Indian National Congress)

General Elections, 1984 (8th LOK SABHA): K. V. THOMAS  (Indian National Congress)

General Elections, 1980 (7th LOK SABHA): XAVIER VARGHESE ARAKAL(CPM Backed Independent)

This is Really outrageous!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Sebastian Paul is playing his smart card seeing elections around the corner. When all over the country benches are sanctioned in different states to speed up litigation and lessen costs, it is strange that Sebastian Paul is against new benches in Kerala.

He should go and find out why there are high court benches at other state capitals like Jaipur, Lucknow etc.. instead of shooting off cheap statements like that of "a frog in a well" type.

R.Sajan said...

Do I understand that all government related cases will be at Trivandrum when the Bench is established?

If so, it would definitely benefit the common man. The petitioners from all the districts north of Kollam will have a good time conducting cases at Trivandrum. Think of the poor Endosulfan victims of Kasargode being able to visit Trivandrum. And the many others - almost 80% of the population. They would have a chance of seeing Trivandrum , if they want to fight a case against the government.

My suggestion is that all important installations of the State also should be moved to Trivandrum. Energy is the most important thing today. Is it not essential that Idukki dam at least, should be near Pattom Vydyuthi Bhavan, so that Board members and officials need not waste public funds to visit the dam?

What about Vallarpadom, Smart City and the like? Why not move all the Collectorates to Trivandrum for better and quicker governance to benefit the common man? For averting killings at Kannur through immediate intervention, Kannur district might be shifted to near the DGP’s office.

The lawyers in Trivandrum courts are known for their integrity [they even remove and substitute underwear produced in evidence]. The Trivandrum bureaucracy are all descended from Raja Harishchandra. As such , at least for a corruption-free judiciary, we must not have just a Bench, but the High Court itself shifted to Trivandrum. People like Sabarinath who might have bail cases, should not suffer any longer having to brief lawyers in far away Kochi.

All bribe-takers in Trivandrum visit Sabarimala devotedly. They, as well as the Devaswam Board, would find it convenient to have Sabarimala brought to Trivandrum. Finally, if somebody like Karunakaran becomes CM, we might have to shift Guruvayoor also.

The people of the State are being duped to benefit a few incompetent lawyers in Trivandrum.

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