Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Conversion Tactics Captured from Various Sources! - 1

  1. Knowing a people means touching theheart of individuals. Laughing with those wholaugh. Weeping with those who weep. Playingmarbles with 2-year old Chimbo and checkerswith his grandpa (or whatever they play in thetown square). It may help if you let him beat you. This applies to arguing religion, too. It’s dangerous always to be “right” when you’rethe new kid on the block. Learn to appreciatethe people and their ways, even the toothlessold men. Listen and learn until you have discoveredthose things in their folk religion orculture that help communicate the gospel. Once you know your area and people, discernwhich segment among them is most receptiveto you and to Jesus Christ. To penetrate restricted, resistant fields, aim first at the working class or an oppressed minority.
  2. To start a church that will multiply in thenormal way in a pioneer field with no experiencedpastors nor organized churches, takethe following steps (change them where local circumstances require it):
  • Witness first to male heads of households                                                                 
  • Baptize all repentant believers withoutdelay (entire families when possible).     
  • Provide a style of worship that new elders-in-training can lead and teach toothers. Don’t invite the public until local leaders can lead the services.

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