Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Mother Hen Syndrome

Of all my farm animals, I guess chickens was my favorite. The last thing you would want to do is to threaten chicks in front of mother hen. She would get vocal and we can almost her her saying , “Hey Backoff, You can’t touch MY babies!” A mother hen will do everything in her power to protect her chicks. It’s her instinct. Other funny thing, is how the chicks run to mother when they get threatened. They would hide under her wings.

Last few weeks, I read several news articles which reminded me of this situation. I quote couple of them.

Sonia Gandhi, denounce India's anti-conversion laws
Sonia Gandhi, the leader of India's Congress party, has condemned the anti-conversion laws enacted in several Indian states, the AsiaNews service reports. Gandhi noted that the laws imposing new restrictions on religious conversions have been enacted "by the state legislatures where the Congress is in opposition." The bills have been passed by legislative bodies controlled by the Hindu-nationalist BJP Party. "Congress Party has opposed this strong in the assembly and through demonstrations," Gandhi added.

Church leaders meet Sonia Gandhi
A delegation of Church leaders from Kerala on Tuesday met Congress president and United Progress Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi and submitted a memorandum against the new education law passed by the state government.
The four-member delegation of senior Church leaders from Kerala included Thrissur Archbishop Andrews Thazhath, Kollam Bishop Stanley Roman and Inter-Church Council for Education secretary Father Philip Najralackatt.
They conveyed to Sonia Gandhi that the Professional Colleges Act enacted by the Communist Marxist Party-Marxists (CPI-M)-led government in Kerala is “anti-minority” and is meant to stall the education services that the Church has been rendering in the state for decades.
I donot understand why church leaders have to run to Sonia Gandhi whenever there is a issue? She donot hold any position of power? Do they think they will get better hearing with her.


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