Monday, August 21, 2006

Are we Sitting on top of a Timebomb

Kerala police has arrested 18 Simi activists from Kochi. They were arrested when police received an anonymous call, saying some suspected SIMI activists have gathered at an auditorium for a meeting. With these arrests by the Ernakulam police indications of an attempt by the banned group SIMI to regroup in Kerala have surfaced. The audacity of the activists is frightening.

The raids were conducted on the basis of information extracted from one of the arrested activists that some documents related to the SIMI, illegal maps of India and many books containing anti-national writings were being distributed in Kerala through various bookstalls in Malabar, after being transported to Kozhikode from Pakistan via Middle East. Books such as Mass Resistance in Kashmir, origin, evolution, and option. The book is written by Tahir Amin, professor of international relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

A review of the book Mass Resistance in Kashmir, origin, evolution, and option by Reeta C. Tremblay reads as follows:-
what is most worrisome about this book is the solution the author proposes to resolve the present crisis in Kashmir. For him, the movement is fundamentally Islamic, favouring Kashmir's integration with Pakistan. Therefore, he argues, Pakistan must actively provide effective (military) assistance to the Kashmiri resistance, unify the militant movement by resolving differences between the independence-oriented Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and the Pakistani integrationist Hizbul Mujahideen, orchestrate the imposition of economic sanctions against India by the Muslim countries and mobilize the Muslim masses at the societal level.
Amin states in categorical terms that the implementation of the UN resolution of plebiscite in Kashmir will be possible only when "
the cost of occupation for India increases so much that it (the present Indian military intervention) becomes unacceptable to it" (p. 149). In other words, "the resistance must develop itself into a high-tech modern guerrilla warfare machine, capable of inflicting lethal blows to the Indian army" (p. 150). The Mujahideen "must acquire sophisticated arms" and "must think of imaginative ways of waging the guerrilla warfare" (p. 103). T
he author's claim that the mobilization of the Kashmiri masses has been achieved by the militant groups "in the name of Islam, not that of nationalism" (p. 15)
Full Review

As per Government of India, SIMI's avowed objective is to replace Indian nationalism with international Islamic order. They have are receiving funds from Riyadh-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth and has close links with the International Islamic Federation of Students Organisations of Kuwait, Chicago-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims, Jamait-e-Islami of Bangladesh(who regularly attend meetings of SIMI held in West Bengal), Al-umma in Tamil Nadu.

Inspite all this information, it is scary when we realise that this group is getting the Oxygen to survive from our political class. Their list of supporters reads Who's Who. It includes Uttar Pradesh Govt. (supported by Congress and CPM). On SIMI they say "at the moment SIMI has not been found to be indulging in anti-national activities and nothing objectionable has come to light. Therefore, the government of UP does not support banning SIMI.". Congress Leader Salman Kurshid who says “We cannot hold any person or outfit guilty in advance. It is up to the judiciary. We as leaders are not competent to pronounce anyone guilty or not guilty. CPM Led Kerala Government who took the support of Jamaat e Islami's support during last Assembly Election. Tamilnadu Government(Congress + CPM + DMK) who ordered that cases be dropped against 12 Muslim fundamentalists, all followers of Kichaan Buhari, an Al Umma sympathizer and key accused in the Coimbatore serial blasts.

It is for nation to decide what they have to do?

Foot Note:
The Asian Age newspaper (August 19, 2001) published a letter recovered from a fidayeen in an encounter with security forces deployed for the Amarnath Yatra. The letter reads 'We are fidayeen. I am a fidayeen and in the name of Allah we will continue to kill and be killed till such time we destroy India and we overcome India.'

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